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About Nobility Dogs

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This shop is integrated with the ETSY platform (https://www.etsy.com/ ) and is completely secure for use and payment.Nobilitydogs shop is a Top 5% seller on ETSY.
I started my online Etsy shop in 2011 selling over 2500 products.
As a little girl, I was surrounded by animals. And then I started to draw animals and wrote stories about dogs. As a young girl I dealt with horses professionally. Unfortunately due to injuries I had to stop to dealing with horses. Again I returned to dogs. The first works I did included the pets of my friends who have dogs. They were thrilled and gave me the encouragement to go on with my works.

As well as selling products on the internet we go to the big dog shows with a trade stand and our dogs. At exhibitions we often photograph the dogs and talk to people who have dogs. Each breed of dog is specific and unique. There are around 440 breeds of dog, if you can believe it. Inspiration is inexhaustible. Now I live with 9 dogs (2 Ibizan Hounds, 4 Dachshunds and 3 Rescue Dogs). They are my constant inspiration. Thank dogs they have chosen us for friends!
In the beginning I was inspired by all the old painters who have had dogs in the foreground of their paintings. I must admit that I was once watching ‘Cirque du Soleil’ and I wanted my works to have the attributes of this performance: Baroque, Renaissance, a little wacky, rich colors, yet modern.
With My Shop I have found new friends with dogs!
Thank you to all dog lovers! Please keep your dogs and give them lots of love. They deserve it!

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